Full Body Wax

Full Body Wax

Full Face Wax

At Wandee Spa and Salon we offer full face waxing which includes the upper lip, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, and sides. Our beautician will apply good quality hot wax using a spatula and spread it across the desired area. This will remove all unnecessary hair from your face. With years of experience, we make sure that the process is least painful as possible.


Arms Wax

We give you the confidence to wear sleeveless tops and flaunt your silky smooth arms. From shoulder to wrist, we remove every single hair from the arms in a quick and almost painless fashion. Our waxing service is designed to smooth and remove unwanted hair on the entire arm. If you’re interested in adding in hands or underarms, The Wax Shop can wax these areas as well.

Legs Wax

Our full leg waxing treatment involves removing hair from both legs and applying our soothing wax formula in strips, from the top of the thigh to the ankle. Hair removal starts from d includes the front and back of the thighs, knees, and lower legs. Our experienced esthetician removes the strips quickly and professionally. Now you don’t have to worry about nicks and cuts. A lower leg waxing treatment is all you need.

Brazilian Wax

Every bit of hair is removed during a Brazilian wax: hair on the front, back, sides, and everything in-between. The standard bikini wax is geared to women who are looking for a cleanup outside the lines of the bathing suit or underwear line. Depending on your preferences, sometimes a little hair is taken off the top and a little bit further in on the sides.