Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage for pain relief

Full Body Massage is the art of massaging your whole body instead of a few selected stress points. This includes your Head, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, and Feet. Often you might feel pain in your body and not be able to pinpoint where it is originating from. A full body massage can help to relieve the pain, releasing stress, enhancing blood pressure and circulation, maintaining the correct body structure, adopting the right work style and improving not just physical but mental health as well.

Boost Your Energy with Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most requested massages at our spa in Islamabad. The characteristic movement of Swedish Massage is soft yet long strokes that work like kneading a person’s body. If you are stressed from a hectic routine or recovering from an injury than our expert masseuse will give you a relaxing Swedish massage. This will help you to release stress, improve blood circulation, eliminate joint pain, ease muscle tension, help you sleep better, and boost your energy for everyday tasks.

Thai Massage for a Stress-free Life

Beat the stress with a mentally healing Thai Massage session. This is the perfect massage choice for people living a busy work life such as office executives, businessmen, and those working long hours. Along with eliminating stress, a Thai massage is a very effective method to reduce arthritis issues. This is achieved by pulling muscles and gently stretching the body to remove the stiffness. No oil is used in Thai Massage. Only a specialist can give you a proper Thai massage because it also includes practicing yoga positions.

A Private Couple Massage for a Perfect Relationship

What better way to enjoy yourself than a thorough Couple Massage session in Islamabad with your better half. It is an old and proven technique and really helps to battle depression and massive improve your relationship. You can choose any message type to immerse yourself in a tranquil experience with your partner. At Wandee Spa and Salon, our therapist will guide you and your partner on how to enjoy a massage together. There are different duration, arrangements, equipment, techniques, environment, ambiance, that you can enjoy with your partner.

Sleep Better with Aromatherapy

Wandee Spa prides itself in using imported oils for the best aromatherapy massage in Islamabad. Using high-grade essential oils we ensure your physical and mental rehabilitation. You can choose the oil you like, applied through humidifier, lotions, dilutes, etc. These oils are specifically made you reduce anxiety, Lower depression, help you sleep better, and cure nausea. Our trained and certified therapist will carefully examine you and suggest you the perfect oil for your aromatherapy massage.

Oriental Massage

Oriental massages are commonly referred to as Asian massages and they are absolutely great. They are therapeutic, relaxing and sensual. Just like any other normal massage, Oriental massages also aim to relax sore and tense muscles, eliminate aches, pains, and stress, to give full-body satisfaction. So, to put it simply, these massages help in complete satisfaction of the body, mind, and emotions. It is a combination of Thai and Swedish Massage. So visit Wandee Spa today for the perfect massage therapy session in Islamabad.

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